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Monthly Archives: May 2013

HOWTO print multiple photos in one page with Linux

If you need to print photos with conventional printers, one photo per page probably is not always good idea, because it is either too big, or waste too much paper and ink.

Luckily, in Linux there are at least 2 choices:
After select the photos you want to print:

  1. Shotwell: File->Print -> Page Setup.
    And in “Page per side”, you can choose how many photos you want to put in a page.
  2. Gwenview: Plugins -> Images -> Print Assistant -> Select page layout.

Quick comparison between Astrid and Producteev

Astrid is acquired by Yahoo. LifeHacker does not seem to keen on it.

While I am quite satisfied what astrid android app generally, it is always good to check some alternative. Producteev was my favorite before astrid provided their own interface, so today I spend a few minutes to do a quick comparison.  I haven’t tried the voice task assignment because I never use it. 😛

My finding:



  • Very impressive client.
  • It encourages you to finish tasks.
  • Good recurrent support: Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, and so on
  • Snooze function to postpone reminders and tasks.


  • Some of widget do not work.
  • Server-> Client sync does no work: Client still remind you the tasks which you ticked-off at server.



  • Professional looking Web UI
  • Multiple workspace support
  • Server->Client sync does work: though it might be slow.


  • Client looks exactly like the trim down version of WebUI.
  • No so good recurrent support:
    • It does not support fortnightly recurrent
    • It does not update to the next date when you finish the current one.

Seems like I will stay with astrid for a little while.