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Monthly Archives: December 2009

[Microsoft Word] How to tame chapters in header/footer and equation numbering.

My wife assigned me a homework: fix the style of her PhD thesis, in Word 2003. I haven’t use word for years, but people say that word is the easiest and powerful word processor on earth, so according to them, I should encounter neither trouble nor inconvenience.

My first trouble is the setting a running header of her thesis, specifically, the header should be like:

Chapter 1 Introduction

But this simple thing cannot be solved easily. According to MS Office online, I should:

  1. Put every chapters into their sections.
  2. Goto the section with the first chapter
  3. View -> Header and Footer.
  4. Insert chapter text with cross reference.
  5. Press “Show next”, and repeat step 4.

Wait, does that mean I need to repeat these steps on every chapter, MANUALLY?

The second problem also involves chapter: equation numbering. I can just use SEQ if what my wife want is a plain serial number. But she demands that equation sequence should be number as (chapter.seq_in_chapter). It is quite unintuitive to insert a variable which reflect the current chapter number.

Finally I played a bit with STYLEREF and finally got what I need.
To sum up:

  • If you want chapter text, insert -> field,
    select field name: STYLEREF, field property: Headering 1
    then press ok.
  • If you want chapter number and label, (such as “Chapter 1”),
    proceed the previous instruction and
    check “insert paragraph number”.
  • If you want only the chapter number, (such as “1”),
    proceed the previous instruction and
    check “suppress all non-delimiter characters”.

Well, obviously Microsoft thinks Chapter is a kind of paragraph; and numbers are delimiter characters. 😛

fbterm: Can’t open framebuffer device.

Today, I went to virtual console to play with fbterm, however it greeted me with “Can’t open the framebuffer device”.
But it allows root to pass through.

Solution is simple. Since /dev/fb0 is owned by root/video.
So I just add myself to video group. 🙂

Kickstart files for CJK users.

I’ve make two kickstart files for both liveCD and liveDVD.
Their descriptions and download link can be found at
my website.

For liveCD, I manage to squeeze the open office in, but has to use XFCE instead of GNOME.
However, in liveDVD, I don’t have such limitation. Enjoy!

Warning: may contain inappropriate content. :-P

I was posting comment to a Chinese blog, but failed due to:

Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: rape

The error message is shown verbatim.

I was quite surprise to set that comment, as the only English words I used was GWT, and bit. I cannot imaging any connection among these words, nor the Chinese part related to “that word”.

Then I spotted the possible cause: The host name
Still cannot see the triggering content? Try the sub-string from 5~8th characters.

Well, I know there are too many “inappropriate” spam message, but apparently the naive sub-string match algorithm leads many false positives.