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Monthly Archives: November 2008

CMake Introduction slides

I’ve just made slides to introduce CMake.

Please download the slides and example programs from:
if you are interested.

We, the Fedorian, are better than Santa Claus!

BĂ©ranger used to comment my previous post and said: “… please take my wish lists and hand them to Santa Claus. You must be close friends, aren’t you?”

But I beg for differ, we Fedorian are far better than Santa! Because

  1. Santa only delivers once per year; we do it twice. I don’t even need to mention that some developers release updates at monthly basis.
  2. Santa only delivers on Christmas eve; but we deliver any time of the year!
  3. Santa only delivers to children (actually, I don’t remember I receive any gift from Him);
    we however deliver to whoever choose to be enlightened by Fedora.
  4. Santa does not receive bug report, while we accept bug reports 24/7 and respond in a reasonable time. Even if He does process your requests, you need to wait until next Christmas.

Based on these points, I am honored to became one of the Fedorian.