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Monthly Archives: November 2012

ibus-table-chinese-1.4.5 Released



– Fixed Bug 855250 – Change the default filtering for Quick and Cangjie
– Fixed Google Issue 1405: failed to build ibus-table-chinese due to missing db files
– Fixed Google issue 1507: Add CJKV Extension C/D support for Array30
– Merge GitHub Pull request 3: Added the inter punct
– Merge GitHub Pull request 4: Give Cangjie and Quick users 9 candidates per page

感謝 Caius, maxiaojun 及 bochecha  等人的貢獻。

ibus-chewing-1.4.3 Released


加入了 buganini 所提供的兩個修正:



感謝 buganini 的辛勞。