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Monthly Archives: August 2012

ibus-chewing-1.4.2 released

ibus-chewing-1.4.2 已經釋出,可在 下載。


  • 被選擇的字串不會在切換輸入法時被截去。
  • Shift 不會再送重複的字串
  • CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX 不會被鎖定為 /usr
  • 若在非Fedora 運行,ibus-engine-chewing 會被裝在 /usr/lib[64] 以符合 FHS

感謝 Buganini 的辛勞,多次提供修改意見。

cmake-fedora-1.0.5 is released

Change from 1.0.2:


  • Fedora 18 support.
  • Source tarball filename is changed back to name-version-Source.tar.gz to avoid confusion between source generate by cmake-fedora (which contains ChangeLog? and projectName.pot) and tarball generation service from hosting site (which does not contain generated files)
  • koji-build-scratch: rawhide build target does not always have suffix -candidate.
  • README updated.
  • TODO updated.


  • Source tarball filename is now name-version.tar.gz instead of name-version-Source.tar.gz
  • after_release_commit depends rpm_changelog_prev_update if RPM supported enabled.
  • Corrected the ‘FORCE’ of cmake CACHE
  • Update the error messages when cmake-fedora is not installed.
  • Fixed target: zanata_push_trans.
  • Fixed zanata arguments.
  • fedpkg clone is now triggered if the clone directory does not exist when doing the fedpkg_commit, it no longer the listed OUTPUT of an ADD_CUSTOM_COMMAND.
  • Add target: translations as an universal easy target to generate/update translation files.

[FedoraHosted] Anonymous git URLs shown in project list are wrong.

The git clone URL given by ​ does not work.

For example, anonymous git clone URL for cmake-fedora is: ​


git clone


not valid: is this a git repository?


git clone

does work.


See the bug report.