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Monthly Archives: December 2011

The most easiest way to convert jpg/png files for kindle reading.

Recently I need to put some map files to my kindle, so I don’t need to bring lots of paper.
Kindle can read jpg, yet it only support certain resolution in certain depth.

After some search and research, I found that converting the jpgs to pdf is usually a good idea.

Converting jpg to pdf is simple if you have ImageMagik, like so:
convert *.jpg foo.pdf

That’s it.

How to add ssh key in Gnome 3 keyring or kwallet

Gnome 3 keyring (Fedora 16):  No drama, worked out of box.

KDE4 (RHEL 6), usually openssh-askpass is installed, that mean SSH_ASKPASS is set to gnome-ssh-askpass. Thus for kwallet to save ssh when needed, ensure:

  1. ksshaskpass is installed
  2. openssh-askpass is NOT installed.