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Monthly Archives: September 2011 #fedora-unregistered

I was fed up that I always be redirected to #fedora-unregistered instead of #fedora, even I have already registered the nickname.

Today I found: What is the difference between NickServ Password and Server Password in X-Chat, then use Server password instead. Finally it works!

cmake-fedora 0.8.1 released

What has changed:

  • Fixed Bug 738958 – cmake-fedora: remove excessive quotation marks for Precompile definition
  • Fixed Bug 733540 – cmake-fedora: "" should be read as empty string
  • ManageEnvironment: Now defined cmake_policy won't get overridden.
  • ManageString: STRING_UNQUOTE is now merely remove quote marks in the beginning and end of string. The string will not be changed otherwise.
  • UseUninstall has renamed as ManageUninstall
  • ManageMaintainerTargets: Reveal MAINTAINER_UPLOAD_COMMAND
  • ManageTranslation: Adopt zanata python client 1.3, arguments are redesigned.
    • Change target: from "translations" to "gmo_files"
    • Add targets: zanata_push, zanata_push_trans, zanata_pull_trans
    • Add argument: OPTIONS for passing arguments.
  • ManageReleaseOnFedora: Now default to build against candidate repos,
    unless _CANDIDATE_PREFERRED is set to "0".