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Monthly Archives: November 2010

epel repos on

You may find out that .repo files that generated by new_repo does not quite usable in RHEL boxes. As RHEL tend to attach the “Channel name” after release number.

For examples, for RHEL6 server, it’s $releasever is actuall 6Server; workstation should be 6Workstation, and so on.

So you might need to

ln -s epel-5 epel-5Server
ln -s epel-5 epel-5Client

for RHEL5


ln -s epel-6 epel-6Server
ln -s epel-6 epel-6Client
ln -s epel-6 epel-6Workstation

for RHEL6, provides the dependencies of your packages can be resolvable by all the channel you specified.


Were you ever bored by the following release chores:

  • Verifying the consistence of versioning in program, tarball, git tags, RPMs, ChangeLog, and whatever place that need to know current version?
  • Pasting change summaries and details in submission messages, ChangeLog, RPM ChangeLog, bodhi notes, and the hosting website?
  • Forget to rpmlint again?
  • Having to scratch build, commit, build, and submitting to bodhi in for each dist you intent to support?
  • Embarrassed by inconsistency amongst source tarballs and RPMs?
  • Need to manually upload source tarball to hosting service providers?
  • Manually to copy the COPYING and fill the information in COPYING?

I do, thus the birth of the cmake-fedora, which automates many chores describe above.

CMake is a powerful cross-platform build system, it is considered faster and easier to understand than autotools. However, there are some gotchas for novice packagers.

For example, without setting CPACK_SOURCE_IGNORE_FILES, novices might notice the tarball grow geometrically each time they pack, because the old tarballs are not excluded.

Advance developers also benefit from these convenient macros and targets for project release chores like writing the same release information to ChangeLog, RPM spec file, source control tags, koji build and bodhi submission.

What does cmake-fedora do exactly? (Feature List)

  • Edit once in RELEASE-NOTES.txt, applied everywhere, such as:
    • ChangeLog
    • Source tarball generation
    • RPM
    • koji scratch build
    • fedpkg scratch build, commit, build, update
    • bodhi submission, the Change is applied as note.
    • Uploading to hosting services like FedoraHosted, SourceForge, GitHub, Google Project hosting (the last three is under development)
  • A script to generate templates of build files and documents, such as
    • CMakeLists.txt
    • SPECS/
  • Helper macros and targets to:
    • Build
    • Pack source tarball
    • Build rpm, srpm
    • rpmlint
    • Submit to fedpkg, koji, and bodhi
    • Clean older builds
    • uninstall

Project’s home page is at here.

[Selenium IDE] Skip 1.0.8, use the one in trunk.

Full story:

Action: The bug is fixed in trunk, but not released yet, follow comment 6 to get the update from trunk.

重新檢視IBus-table 中文輸入法版權

前一陣子接手ibus-table以及所有的ibus-table 的中文輸入法。
看到即使是財大氣粗的Microsoft 都在一審對中易敗下陣來,想說那就對這些中文輸入碼表好好作一番檢視吧。

Tom Callaway