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epel repos on

You may find out that .repo files that generated by new_repo does not quite usable in RHEL boxes. As RHEL tend to attach the “Channel name” after release number.

For examples, for RHEL6 server, it’s $releasever is actuall 6Server; workstation should be 6Workstation, and so on.

So you might need to

ln -s epel-5 epel-5Server
ln -s epel-5 epel-5Client

for RHEL5


ln -s epel-6 epel-6Server
ln -s epel-6 epel-6Client
ln -s epel-6 epel-6Workstation

for RHEL6, provides the dependencies of your packages can be resolvable by all the channel you specified.

RHEL5 repo build on Fedora 12

I created a RHEL-5 repo on my Fedora-12 box.
But my RHEL-5 box cannot load the repo due to “Error performing checksum”.
After some Googling, the common solution is to use either sha or md5 as checksum.

createrepo -s sha
createrepo -s md5

However, that solution is not complete, especially if you have tested-run yum with the ill-checksumed repo.

Solution to that is simple, just run yum clean all to clean the cache.