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Monthly Archives: July 2011

According to rpmlint, we Australian live in the future. :-)

I recently ran into an interesting problem related to time zone.

On 0:10, 18th July,
I wrote my changelog as:
* Mon Jul 18 2011 ……

And then run rpmlint, which give me:
<packageName>: E: changelog-time-in-future 2011-07-18

Ok, we Australian live in the future, …, at least for 8 hours (if you live in West Australia) each day.

cmake-fedora 0.7.1 released!

cmake-fedora 0.7.0 released!

Well actually there are 0.6.1, 0.7.0 from last announcement, but 0.7.1 has less problem and more complete.
Change from 0.6.0:

  • Even simpler release macros
  • Add debug level support.
  • Show proper error warning messages.
  • Show warning on unsatisfied optional dependencies, yet the normal build will still proceed.
  • Target “release” is fixed.
  • “After release” targets no longer be depended by target “release”, instead, they are depended by “after_release”.

Note for distro other than Fedora and RHEL: you can turn off the missing dependency warning by giving -DMANAGE_MESSAGE_LEVEL=3, like:


Thinkpad is not as durable as before.

I remembered a few years ago there was an AD that showed how durable the thinkpad was by pouring water on it and slam it on the ground.

However, my personal experience shows otherwise, the first one is t60, after 1 year, the battery can only last 30 minutes, harddisk started making great voice, and sound card have broken sound.

I obtained the second one, t510, last year and thing got worse. ‘a’ key was not very responsive after a few months usage, and the display area have broken into 3 pieces when my wife tried to pick the computer up.

My latest one is still a t510, obtained 3 months ago. Well, ‘i’ key is not very responsive….
Let’s hope no other misfortune fell upon it.

[Update at 2013-11-02]

Well the ‘I’ key back to normal, but the speaker is dead.

One thing good of Lenovo for me is, they never change the power plugs so I have lots of spares. 🙂

Matching prefix pattern in Bash Parameter Expansion

According to bash manpage, when doing parameter expansion like


“The word is expanded to produce a pattern just as in pathname expansion.”

Indeed, the pathname expansion is glob expansion, however, unlike normal pathname expansion, the ‘*’ actually matches ‘/’. In other words:

echo ${PA##ja*}

outputs "",
instead of "/subdir/",
because ja* matches ja-JP/subdir/.

So please treat * as if it is ‘.*’ in regex.