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Thinkpad is not as durable as before.

I remembered a few years ago there was an AD that showed how durable the thinkpad was by pouring water on it and slam it on the ground.

However, my personal experience shows otherwise, the first one is t60, after 1 year, the battery can only last 30 minutes, harddisk started making great voice, and sound card have broken sound.

I obtained the second one, t510, last year and thing got worse. ‘a’ key was not very responsive after a few months usage, and the display area have broken into 3 pieces when my wife tried to pick the computer up.

My latest one is still a t510, obtained 3 months ago. Well, ‘i’ key is not very responsive….
Let’s hope no other misfortune fell upon it.

[Update at 2013-11-02]

Well the ‘I’ key back to normal, but the speaker is dead.

One thing good of Lenovo for me is, they never change the power plugs so I have lots of spares. 🙂


4 responses to “Thinkpad is not as durable as before.

  1. nicu 2011/11/02 at 8:10 am

    a few years ago they were made by IBM and had a bigger price tag


  2. R 2011/11/02 at 12:49 pm

    My Dell E6510 so far is up to the expectations that I as an extremly intense user of my laptop have. The sole degredation I have observed is the discolouring of a corner of the metal speaker cover on the left side, about the size of a mid-size coin.

    On the same note I finally retired my 1997 Hitachi laptop which first served for 3 years as desktop replacement then for many more years as a router with up to 1500 days of uptime until recently. Nothing ever since was as full featured, sturdy or reliable – or expensive …


  3. Michele 2011/11/02 at 7:52 pm

    hi. I also own a thinkpad t510 and I have the same issue (with the “alt” key). Once I’ve stepped over the laptop while I was at work, but luckly I’ve not lcd problems. No other issue apart of a overheating using any linux distribution compared to windows (I’ve tried different configurations and different kernel version…). Do you confirm that?


  4. Ralf 2011/11/02 at 10:45 pm

    My A21P survived 5 years of use and abuse by a globetrottng geek until it was totally worn down and then still was sturdy enough to survive a crash landing from about 1.5m height to a curb damaged but still usable.
    It’s successor was a T43P had an annoying fan that eventually broke and the replacement fan died two years ago; the keyboard quickly got worn out and the replacement delivered was faulty. That’s a laptop which was designed and manufactured when Thinkpad was still IBM. Me thinks the Thinkpad brand started to go down the drain already under IBM’s rule and Lenovo did their best to turn the one proud ship Thinkpad into a rusty reef on the ground of the seas.


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