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Quick comparison between Astrid and Producteev

Astrid is acquired by Yahoo. LifeHacker does not seem to keen on it.

While I am quite satisfied what astrid android app generally, it is always good to check some alternative. Producteev was my favorite before astrid provided their own interface, so today I spend a few minutes to do a quick comparison.  I haven’t tried the voice task assignment because I never use it. 😛

My finding:



  • Very impressive client.
  • It encourages you to finish tasks.
  • Good recurrent support: Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, and so on
  • Snooze function to postpone reminders and tasks.


  • Some of widget do not work.
  • Server-> Client sync does no work: Client still remind you the tasks which you ticked-off at server.



  • Professional looking Web UI
  • Multiple workspace support
  • Server->Client sync does work: though it might be slow.


  • Client looks exactly like the trim down version of WebUI.
  • No so good recurrent support:
    • It does not support fortnightly recurrent
    • It does not update to the next date when you finish the current one.

Seems like I will stay with astrid for a little while.