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Mind Mapping for Fedora

Some time ago, a time management training mentioned about Mind map, so after the training, I went straight to Fedora (and others) repositories to play with the mind map packages.

So far I played following 4:

1. Freemind:

Pros: De facto standard, and can be imported by others. Keyboard shortcut is easy to learn.

Cons: File format between 0.9.0 and 1.0.1 seems incompatible.

2. labyrinth:

Pros: UI is extremely easy; convenient and fast to add a new entry.
Cons: Not able to modify link if you make some mistake; Can’t import and doesn’t really have import function.

3. kdissert:
Pros: UI not hard to learn; various output formats, including docbook, html, latex document, beamer, and openoffice presentation, and plain test ; function to reorganize the branches; easy to write further description ;
Cons: No FreeMind import, bind with KDE3.

4. vym:
Pros: various import/export formats, including freemind; the default link looks pretty; able to output to task juggler
Cons: Cannot reorganize the branches.

Summary: I would suggest:

  1. freemind: Good default choice, but beware of version incompatible.
  2. vym: I am current using this one, offer nearly everything.
  3. labyrinth: if you just want a simple and easy software, and you don’t need to share with others
  4. kiddsert: if you want mind maps exports straight to documents, presentation slides and don’t mind having KDE3 dependency.