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Proposal for voice data naming guide

I’ve tried out gcin’s voice data, it’s neat, interesting, and useful.

Since it does not depend on gcin, I wish to pack it as an independent package, so other packages can use it. However, generally, what should we name it and other voice data?

How about: voicedata-<locale>-<generated_method>-<source>-<variant>

  • locale: Locale string like en_US, zh_CN…
  • generated_method: The algorithm or synthesizer that generate the voice, or “realperson” if the recorded voice is from a real person.
  • source: Name of the project or organization that provides the voice.
  • variant: Optional field for noticeable info, such as the person who provide the voice, or parameter of the synthesizer.

    Thus in this naming guild, gcin’s voice data should be named as: