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opera qt4 and ibus

Once upon a time, opera does not get along with ibus well by default. Normally, your have to set
in order to make the input work.

However, that workaround still come with problem: Whenever you restart ibus, opera will go down with it, though it will manage to crawl back, but what you type is lost forever.

Given ibus provide qt4 interface, I went to find opera qt4 build.
I’ve tried opera 1010 beta qt4 static build, it turned out working well.
But not shared build, according to Peng Huang, it crashed with ibus-qt4.

There is a thread about the differences between qt3 and qt4 at here
, which says that the main difference is merely the skins. That’s incorrect. At least it provides some remedy for input method users.


gprof works best with static link.

Some of my programs are extremely slow, so I try to use gprof to profile them.
After several test run, only the functions in the executable are profiled but not those from the shared library even both are complied with “-pg”.

HP gprof man mentions that environment LD_PROFILE can be set, it does reveal more functions in fedora, but not in the way I want.

Finally, I found this blog:
and link my programs statically and voila, it works!