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Hey, Spammers do evolve!

I receive a reply looks like following:

I do believe all of the concepts you have offered to your post. They’re really convincing and will definitely work….

Problem of this post is, I wasn’t making any concepts but the functionality I want.

I did not find any link in the reply body, then what are they trying to advertise? What do they use to carry the advertisement? The answer: his/her user name, which link to some adult website.

Nice try.


Strange comments.

最近灌進來幾篇 comments 頗怪,說是廣告嗎,沒給 link,也沒標的物。

為什麼我會這麼認為呢? 茲摘錄一段:
I am impressed! Blog information posted here is quite my friend. I justified want to guess board up with comments and quality work. IE browser bookmarks to your blog ethical again, I l be involved a arise back to drive my friends more in the subsequent!