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Open source scrum tools

Last week I went to a scrum training course, which is very insightful and interesting.
The course also suggested some scrum utilities, but none of them are open source.

After the course, I spent some time on finding a open source scrum software, preferably free. My criteria are:

  • Open source and free.
  • Able to be hosted on Linux
  • Provide web interface

I’ve tested express, it has very beautiful and professional interface. Unfortunately, I cannot make it work beyond the registration screen, as it keeps telling me registration mail is failed to send.

Caius suggests agilo, a plug works upon trac. But given I never like the interface of trac, so I won’t bother to install it.

Then I find icescrum2. At the current stage, well, it is not for the end users yet. Still need quite a good deal of work to polish ,such as:

  • No intuitive way to activate and start a sprint.
  • Expected home directory is in /usr/share/tomcat/.icescrum
  • Expected location of in the [webapps]/[icescrum2]/,
    yet the actual location of that file is in [webapps]/[icescrum2]/META-INF/icescrum2/config/

It also forces user to start on sprint 1, which is inconvenient for scrum project which just migrate to icescrum2.

I can post detail of installation instruction for F-12 if anyone interested.
Maybe even make rpm for it.