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Fedora 11 vs Windows 7

My dad have an old computer which is loaded with WinXp. It had had a memory problem. After it is fixed, I then download both Fedora 11 live CD and Windows 7 RC install DVD and do some quick tests.

Machine Spec

I didn’t bother to dig the detail. Nevertheless, that machine has two special devices:
a multi-purpose build-in card-and-usb reader, and a LCD TV monitor.


Fedora 11: Using BT download, no drama.

Windows 7: It has a downloader. Unlike other downloaders which are obviously independent programs, it seems like windows 7 downloader depends on IE. The download was reasonable fast. However, after I upgrade to IE 8 and reboot, the downloader refused to continue downloading until I removed some incompatible plug-ins and granted some permissions.

Boot and Install

I tried live USB, but it was not working on that machine. It works with two other laptops though. Luckily, my dad has plenty of blank CD and DVD.

Fedora 11: Kind of work-out-of-the-box. One thing did bother me is that the screen skewed to the upper left. I haven’t test the networking and other stuff, because I didn’t want to mock with ADSL.

Windows 7: After boot, the screen went blank and with some words that read “Not supported“. That LCD TV supported up to 1024×768.


Just some simple quick test, so no need to exaggerate.

Fedora 11: Need some final fine tune to put the screen in the middle.

Windows 7: Unable to perform the further test. Maybe they should be more conservative on video mode or provide a easy-to-spot text mode installation.