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[Input Style] What’s Over-the-spot, on-the-spot … etc?

Last Friday I saw an ibus issue about input style support in ibus-anthy. The maintainer, Fujiwara insist that editing in the candidate window is not "over-the-spot".

Ok, time to do literature review:
According to sun and Mozilla, preedit area is INSERTED into the inputing spot in on-the-spot, the text after the input spot WILL be pushed to the right when preedit area expend; while preedit area is PUT OVER the inputing spot in over-the-spot mode, the text after the input spot WILL NOT be pushed to the right.

Reference from IBM tells different story. Over-the-spot, as the page states, is the mode that candidate window closely followed the input spot, but the preedit string is formed in candidate window.

Java also has its own definition. Below-the-spot is the term for IBM’s over-the-spot.


After the intensive web search and discussion, we conclude that we should use some thing like “Embedded preedit in client application” to avoid confusion.