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[RHEL5] Sync between Evolution2 and Sony Ericsson K510i

Recently I read a good Howto about synchronizing sony-ericsson k610i with ximian evolution on ubuntu, and tried it with my SE 510i in RHEL5 with great success.

Though that post is about Ubuntu, most of the steps still applied in RHEL5.
BTW, you need to have bluetooth on both your mobile and computer to make it work.

My steps:

  1. Installation:

    Install bluez, multisync, libiopensync, libopensync-plugin-irmc, and libopensync-plugin-evolution2. However, neither RHEL nor EPEL have those sync packages, so grab the FC6 version, they work.

  2. Evolution plugins Configuration:

    The steps are essentially same with the post from here.

    msynctool --configure pim_sync 1

    which call your editior to create something like:


    No need to modified it if you use evolution default.

  3. Configuration for mobile:
    1. Find MAC address of the mobile by

      hcitool scan

    2. Find the Channel number for OBEX IrMC Sync Server of the mobile by

      sdptool browse yourPhonesMacHere

      Note that it is the “Service Name: OBEX IrMC Sync Server” section to be looked at.

    3. Configure member group for the mobile by

      msynctool --configure pim_sync 2

      which call your editior to create something like:


      Replace yourphonemachere and yourirmcchannelhere with your own values.


  4. Usage
    1. Sync with:

      msynctool --sync pim_sync


    2. Sync without note and contact:

      msynctool --sync pim_sync --filter-objtype note --filter-objtype contac


That’s it, folks!