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Get rid of “WARNING: Ignoring duplicate config node: filter (seeking filter)”

About a month ago, I upgrade my kernel, then this warning message start to appear.
According to this post, I should update the /etc/lvm/lvm.conf and consolidate all the filtering rule into one line, and run vgscan to update the cache. I did all above, but the message still persisted.

Today, I came out the idea that the problem might be resting in my initrd, so I update the initrd using mkinitrd, and it works. The detail step is explained in following paragraph, but beware that:

  • Of course you need to be root.
  • Keep the back up initrd image, in case something bad happened.
  • Need to know how to rescue the system in case something bad really happen.

Here are the steps:

  1. Become root
  2. cd /boot
  3. mv initrd-[yourKernelVersion].img initrd-[yourKernelVersion].img.bak
  4. mkinitrd initrd-[yourKernelVersion].img [yourKernelVersion]
  5. [Optional] add a grub entry whose initrd points to your backup file, just in case.
  6. reboot

And voila, it works.