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Sync between Caps lock and LED

Caps Lock is used in chewing and other input method as mode switch key. Caps off for Chinese mode; and on for English mode, for example. However, it is not so simple to tame the Caps lock.

Paragan kindly gave me a link of keylockx, a program to detect and set the lock mode. Tagoh also told me that lock-keys-applet, a GNOME applet can also to the similar. While both programs do change and reflect the real Caps mode; unfortunately, the LED on USB keyboard does not reflect such changes.

Things get even wierder when synergy is involved. The lock stage switch happens in synergy client, which is all right and correct. Problem is, synergy server LED does not reflect this.

Ok, I know synergy server lock LEDs does not have to synchronize with client, and might cause more trobles if forced to do so. But it still confuses inexperienced end users, as client do not necessary have lock LED on them.

Mmm, may be that’s why lock-keys-applet has its own position, as it showed the real lock state on the client. But story does not end here, as input methods usualy just process the CapsLock event, do not care what’s current status and where the event from… arrrgaghhhh