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Use GMail in Google Chrome as default mail client in KDE and GNOME2

Yes, I do have both boxes. I also got GNOME3, but I haven’t tested the mail stuff yet.

For KDE:

System-Settings->Default Application->Email Client,
Choose "Use a different email client" and the command line
(From Gmail as the KDE default email client):



If you use nothing but default browser, simply install gnome-gmail (it’s in Fedora).
If not, thing is a bit harder, as Gnome only fill %s when it’s stand-alone, (i.e. url %s is valid while url=%s isn’t’).

So you need some small script (assume it’s called like:

/opt/google/chrome/google-chrome "--app=$1"

Then go to System->Preference->Default application->Email Reader
Choose "Custom" and the command line:

/path/to/ %s


xdg-open "mailto:test@test?Subject=Hi"

To see whether it work correctly.