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Does Opera 10.60 supports IBus?

I’ve been waiting the opera release version for IBus support. And finally Opera changelog states that it support IBus and scim. I then download the x86_64 version for my desktop which runs Fedora 12.

But, WTH, ctrl-space still not trigger the input method?Great. I’ve tried various environment variables, but still no use.

Then I use okteta to dig the opera binary, and find the string.


Ok, it uses XIM. (Guys and gals, no need to play with GTK_IM_MODULES and QT_IM_MODULES, they don’t work).
IBus does support XIM, but my IBus icon still unlit with opera (My language bar is always on).

Finally, I thought this might only appear in 64 bit opera, so I install the 32 bit opera in my mini311 which runs Fedora 13, and it worked out-of-box (sort of). So I went back to my desktop and install 32 bit opera, and it worked.

When I was searching the solution of using IBus with opera, I noticed that many ibus-pinyin user complained that ibus-pinyin cannot send the whole sentence to opera. My ibus-chewing has this problem as well, but you can avoid this issue by setting the option input style to “in application window”.