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Bugs may look small, but hard to fix.

Today Jens Petersen and I have tried to fix the AR PL UMing HK Light does not show properly in x86_64. In the beginning, we thought only Lin has this problem, as Jens could not reproduce the bug, and I can only reproduce the GDM part.

Nevertheless, today we want to put this bug to the end. After seeing me playing with GDM’s gconf (which does show and hide the bug). Jens thought it can be more persuasive if we can reproduce this bug on F-11 x86_64 Live USB. So we do the test. Despite our machines are only different in monitor, mine reproduced the bug while his couldn’t. After hooking on the same monitor model, his machine also reproduced the bug!

Great, shall we tell Lin to fix the bug by changing his monitor? That does not make much sense, so we continue to dig on. After a few tests, we found out that GDM, gucharmap, and gnome-menu were hit by the bug if the font size were smaller than 14, while pango-view, gnome-terminal, and gedit seems handle small font rather well.

After a few more test, Jens pointed out that bitmap mode is used with small Chinese font, and it might be cause of the problem. So he remove the /etc/fonts/conf.d/25-ttf-arphic-uming-bitmaps.conf and bling, it works. 🙂

Other workaround can be found in the comments of the bug.

RHEL/CENTOS skype Chinese font display problem. (Skype 簡繁體中文顯示問題)

My skype can only show English and traditional Chinese, but not simplified Chinese.
I had not had motivation to solve this problem, because most of time,
Skype was used only as video conversation.

Nevertheless, today I decided to tackle it, and found some interesting results.
For those impatient, just run qtconfig4, then set the default font as
“Serif”, or “AR PL ShanHeiSun Uni/AR PL ZenKai”, if you can endure the bad English display.

How about other fonts? Well, first of all, font substitution does not work, at least Skype does not look at it. It seems only “Serif” has correct substitution rule. I did not dig further into fontconfig, but it works anyway.

我的 Skype 只能顯示繁體,而簡體字變成框框。
今天試了一下,發現只要在 qtconfig4 那裡把預設字型設為 「Serif」

至於為什麼會這樣?我也不知道。:-P我的 Skype 只能顯示繁體,而簡體字變成框框。
今天試了一下,發現只要在 qtconfig4 那裡把預設字型設為 「Serif」


[Solved] Opera Chinese font display problem.

I use opera every day, but it does not give me a good Chinese font display. Some character, such as 灣, the bottom part is cut.

I’ve traced the opera with –debugfont and –debugfontfilter, and found it used baekmuk (Korean font) instead. After that font removed, it solved the cut-to-half problem, but it caused new problem: the character became blurred.

I also tried qtconfig-qt4, but no prevail.

Finally, after playing with font setting in KDE4 control center (cmd: systemsettings), and finally it works!
What I did was:
1. systemsetting-> font -> use anti-alias: set Enabled
2. Press “configure” button.
3. Exclude range: set disabled.
4. Apply

And that’s it.