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Converting xscreensaver to gnome-screensaver in Fedora 13

gnome-screensaver is more stable than xscreensaver (Occasionally I have been lock out by it), yet the default collection of savers is not as rich.

There are several of instructions of how to do this, including:

Can I use xscreensaver “hacks” with gnome-screensaver? and

Add xscreensaver to gnome-screensaver in Fedora Core 6. But their information is somewhat outdated.

Here is my instruction for F-13, referencing this post:

    1. Install xscreensaver-<whateveryyoulike>. (You do want the richness of xscreensaver savers, don’t you? 🙂 )

      # yum install "xscreensaver-<whateveryyoulike>"

    2. link the xscreensavers binary to gnome-screensaver
      # ln -si /usr/libexec/xscreensaver/* /usr/libexec/gnome-screensaver/
      -i is for interactive, there is one saver which exists in both gnome-screensaver and xscreensaver.
    3. Download the script for migrating xscreensaver to gnome-screensaver, as well as the xsl file it needs.


  1. Assuming you put these files in /tmp, run
    chomd +x /tmp/
  2. Convert xscreensaver config files (.xml) to gnome-screensaver config files (.desktop):
    # /tmp/ \ /usr/share/xscreensaver/config/*.xml
  3. Restart X server. This can be done by logout-login if you are using GDM or KDM.
  4. That should be it.

[Update] Some user suggest to use xscreensaver-extras-gss , which should be more simple and easier.

Fedora 12 on HP mini 311

I have bought a HP mini 311, which come with windows XP.
Of course, I install Fedora on top of it.

Firstly I tried with live Fedora 12 with it. But it halted during the boot.
After some googling, it’s the wireless driver, ssb causing the error. Kernel option ssb.blacklist=1 works, but not the rdblacklist=ssb. I haven’t dig out the actual cause, because updating kernel to 2.6.32 seem to fix the problem and bring the wireless driver back.

After the kernel upgrade, nearly everything is working, including the video cam (test with cheese), sound, bluetooth (can use the mobile as remote control) and SD card reader. I haven’t test the HDMI output, because I don’t have the cable.

The nouveau is working just fine, but if you are after 3D acceleration, proprietary driver also available by including rpmfusion repos and

yum install akmod-nvidia

I am mostly satisfy the performance of the laptop, but one annoying thing is that the touch pad is too easy to be touched when I am typing, which leads to unexpected windows and work spaces changes.

I’ve also tried Fedora 13, works out of the box.

Summary for for Fedora 12 on HP mini 311:


Not work-out-of-box with original Fedora 12, but fixable by upgrade kernel to 2.6.32


Work-out-of-the-box with nouveau and proprietary nvidia driver.



Web Cam


Wired Network



Need upgrade kernel to 2.6.32



SD card reader

Not verified before kernel upgrade, but 2.6.32 seems works.


not tested.