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Who get benefits with Digital Rights management (DRM)?

Supposedly, DRM protects the media from copyright holders’ (e.g. movie maker) and their followers’ (e.g. retailer) rights. But does it?

I am a fan of MacGyver, and I already purchased 4 series of DVD. When I tried to find the fifth, I am told that it is not possible to buy that in retailer shop, because only four series are released in Zone 4.

Now, three ways lie before me:
1. Grab a pirate copy from internet: I either got low quality video, or spend ages for download the images (blame Australian network), plus contribute to my carbon footprint ant electricity bill. Sounds not good. It’s also obvious that local retailers cannot not earn my money, so does the series maker.

2. Get the DVD from somewhere else: Good for me, but bad for local retailers.

3. Lost interest completely: Actually, that my current mood. Not that bad to me, as there are many things for me to do. But definitely bad for local retailers and consequently, the video makers.

So come on, video makers, abolish the DRM, it does evil (and convince evil) to you.