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Inputting CJK in Opera 10.5x

I have been  loyal to opera since opear 6. It was a major innovator. For example, multiple tab browsing, mouse gesture, and speed dial was their invention.

However, for us, CJK linuxer, riding with opera was and is bumpy. While with other browsers you can just install and play, you have to manually set a environment to make it works, or use Google to dig out "forbidden" qt4 or static build.

Now came to the era of 10.5x, great, there is no known way to enable input methods. No ibus, QT_IM_MODULE, xim, not at all.

Finally, when I reach the opera forum, their answer is something like, "No, not yet, please wait until we are ready for final." Well, just hope I don’t have to wait too long.