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ibus-table-chinese released!

As title,
已將版權有疑義的表拔除 (i.e. 鄭碼與自然碼)

此外就是把原先的 ibus-table-wubi更名為 ibus-table-chinese-wubi-jidian,(極點五筆),因為那個表應該是極點五筆的表)。
並增加 海峰五筆 (ibus-table-chinese-wubi-haifeng)、行列30以及行列30大字集。

感謝 海峰兄將海峰五筆以 BSD 發行,
dgod 兄將永碼以GPLv3發行。

[Solved] Opera Chinese font display problem.

I use opera every day, but it does not give me a good Chinese font display. Some character, such as 灣, the bottom part is cut.

I’ve traced the opera with –debugfont and –debugfontfilter, and found it used baekmuk (Korean font) instead. After that font removed, it solved the cut-to-half problem, but it caused new problem: the character became blurred.

I also tried qtconfig-qt4, but no prevail.

Finally, after playing with font setting in KDE4 control center (cmd: systemsettings), and finally it works!
What I did was:
1. systemsetting-> font -> use anti-alias: set Enabled
2. Press “configure” button.
3. Exclude range: set disabled.
4. Apply

And that’s it.