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Fedora GIT package update (fedpkg) step by step.

It seems that GIT package update is in the working order. Great job, team!

However, the documentation is not integrated yet, I have to visit 4 pages to make it working:

  1. Fedora project’s Package_update_HOWTO (yes, with that name).
  2. Fedora project’s Using_Fedora_GIT
  3. For know that I need a new version of fedora-packager
  4. and this for let git push to the branch you are tracking

I think it will help to provide a step by step or check-list, at least as my personal note.


  1. sudo yum –enablerepo=updates-testing update fedora-packager
    you need version fedora-packager-0.5.1 and newer to work.
    This will bring git as dependency.

  2. fedora-cert -n
    For update client side certificate

  3. fedora-packager-setup
  4. git config –global –add push.default tracking

Package Handling

Init (clone) package

You only need to run once per each package you are interested:

fedpkg clone <packageName> 

It creates a directory in the name of <packageName>
cd to this directory to continue working.

Update package in devel branch

  1. Import srpm
    fedpkg  import <SRPM File> 
  2. Commit and push in one go, it will show which files have been changed. You can exit the editor without saving to cancel the pushing, as you normally do with git-commit
    fedpkg commit -p
  3. Build package
    fedpkg build

Update package in stable branches

For example, if you are going to push your updates in F-13, then

  1. fedpkg import -b f13 <SRPM File>
  2. fedpkg switch-branch f13

Then follow the steps of “Update package in devel branch”

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