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Google v.s. Baidu

They said Google is leaving China. Consequently, more people start to compare Google and Baidu, which is current lead in Chinese search market.

Two days ago, I visited this “interesting” blog. That post measures the effectiveness of search engines by their “recall”, i.e. the number of results they returned, regardless the whether the results are truly related or not.

The author uses three phrases as test set:
1. 许霆 (Xu Ting: A Chinese citizen who was recently involved in a controversial criminal case)
2. 次级房贷 (Subprime mortgage)
3. 看羹吃饭 (Kan-Geng-Chi-fan: A phrase used and recognized by a relatively small number of Chinese, meaning that you have to think carefully before taking action)

He summaries that Baidu is superior than Google, as the results are more favorable for mainland Chinese users. Well, I don’t agree with him.

For 许霆 (Xu Ting), I think Baidu wins here, because it also returns a link to an article in Baidu’s encyclopedia which introduces Xu Ting, the professor in a Chinese university; while Google merely returns the suspect Xu Ting in first 10 pages. Variety is good, because it does not assume what you are looking for. For example, if I were searching “smart”, I prefer to choose among an adjective for a cunning man, a car, a package management system, or disk error reporting mechanism.

For 次级房贷 (Subprime mortgage), yes, he has made a typo in English, but let’s ignore that. He said that since simplified Chinese is preferred in China, so showing Traditional Chinese characters are bad. But AFAIK, the default search preference is “showing both Simplified and Traditional”, that means it is a bug that it only showing simplified. 😛

For 看羹吃饭 (Kan-Geng-Chi-fan). Well, if you don’t know how to use Google, right,
you got the result he got. But if you remember to add “” to quote the phrase you care,
you get a good result.

Oh, let’s forgive him, as he did not receive proper training to tell which searching is good. 🙂

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