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DLL hell v.s. Dependency hell.

Yesterday several friends of mine came to visit us to see my new little girl. During some chit-chat, one guy mentioned that his company has already adopted to Ubuntu, even servers. But he never think it is a good idea. Well, it does not mean he adored Fedora, he is a Windows guy.

He said that Windows has DLL hell, yet Linux suffers from dependency hell, as dll and so are basically the same. I don’t know much about dll, so I didn’t make much comments. After I do some reading, dll is M$’s implementation of share library.

However, the the cause of dependency hell in Linux is not the same with Dll-hell. The cause of Dll hell, as far as I observed, is that many software tend to install their own versions of dll into system directory. Dependency hell in Linux on the the other hand, caused by inconsistency among software repositories.

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