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Bugs may look small, but hard to fix.

Today Jens Petersen and I have tried to fix the AR PL UMing HK Light does not show properly in x86_64. In the beginning, we thought only Lin has this problem, as Jens could not reproduce the bug, and I can only reproduce the GDM part.

Nevertheless, today we want to put this bug to the end. After seeing me playing with GDM’s gconf (which does show and hide the bug). Jens thought it can be more persuasive if we can reproduce this bug on F-11 x86_64 Live USB. So we do the test. Despite our machines are only different in monitor, mine reproduced the bug while his couldn’t. After hooking on the same monitor model, his machine also reproduced the bug!

Great, shall we tell Lin to fix the bug by changing his monitor? That does not make much sense, so we continue to dig on. After a few tests, we found out that GDM, gucharmap, and gnome-menu were hit by the bug if the font size were smaller than 14, while pango-view, gnome-terminal, and gedit seems handle small font rather well.

After a few more test, Jens pointed out that bitmap mode is used with small Chinese font, and it might be cause of the problem. So he remove the /etc/fonts/conf.d/25-ttf-arphic-uming-bitmaps.conf and bling, it works. 🙂

Other workaround can be found in the comments of the bug.

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