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[sane] Mitsubishi Diamond View DV650U

I have a Mitsubishi Diamond View DV 650U scanner which I did not use much, so I am considering selling it. In order to test whether it is still functional and capability of working with linux, I use my RHEL5 to test that, and it works!

Install instruction:

  1. yum install sane-backends sane-backends-libs xsane
  2. Scanner firmware is also needed, You can find it at driver CD, namely, u176v042.bin. You can also download from
  3. copy the firmware file as /usr/share/sane/snapsane/your-firmwarefile.bin (Yes, I am too lazy to modify the /etc/sane.d/snapsane.conf).
  4. Plug out the scanner’s power and USB.
  5. Plug back scanner’s power and USB.
  6. See whether your scanner is detected with sane-find-scanner, It should be recognized as ACER flatbed scanner.
  7. See whether the scanner is detected with scanimage -L.
    if not, go back to 4.

  8. Test with xsane, it should work at this point. If not:
  9. redo step 4 to 7.
  10. export SANE_DEBUG_SNAPSCAN=10
  11. scanimage -d snapscan:libusb:xxx:yyy -x 50 -y 50 –format=tiff > ./test1.tiff
    (xxx and yyy are 3-digit integers and from step 7).

  12. See the debug message and retry.

Hope it is sufficient.

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