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Current I maintain both zhcon and fbterm.

Even zhcon development is inactive at the moment, but it is still remembered and even embraced by many CJK console users. The pros of zhcon over fbterm:

  1. Provides vga mode, no need to enter framebuffer mode.
  2. Has various buildin input methods.
  3. Supports GB2312 GB2312, GBK, etc.

Cons of zhcon

  1. Support utf8 through iconv gb2312 -> utf8, it causes characters missing
  2. Input methods fails on x86_64

To sum up, if you are using GB2312 encoding on a i386 machine, then zhcon works for you. But if you want utf8, or you have x86_64 machines, then bad luck.

On the other hand, fbterm supports utf8, no need to mock font setting, and the latest version support screen rotation! This is convenient to me, as I no longer need to bend my neck to check the output.

Although fbterm still haven’t have officical input methods, but given that fbterm is under active development, and Peng Huang mentioned that he has a successful story of using ibus in fbterm, I am confident that fbterm will replace zhcon.


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