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About the Fedora LTS support (2)

After I posted my thought about the Fedora LTS, I got many valuable replies. Especially on security updates, binary compatibility, and the over-complexity of my proposal. I talked with guys around me, they also showed the similar concert, may be more like Jesse Keating’s.

After hearing these valid concerns, I think the current Fedora version scheme need not be change at the present, as it is a big attraction for technology-chaser.

Then how to support the old release, while make the minimal impact to the main stream users and developers? I am thinking a package compatibility database, in following format:

Package Operator Version Release Compatibility Type
PkgA < 1.0-1 F8 binary
PkgA >= 1.0-1 F9 binary
PkgA >= 1.0-1 F10 binary
PkgB > 2.0-0 F8 source

Binary compatibility means you can directly install from it, while source compatibility means you have to rebuild it for the target release. Not in the list means no support.

For package maintainers, they can choose what releases do they want to support; and users know what package update are current support in their system.


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