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Are Pinyin and Zhuyin functional dependent on each other? Not really.

Many people think that Hanyu pinyin and Zhuyin are functional dependent on each other, that is, Hanyu pinyin can be converted to Zhuyin without losses, and vice versa.[1] I used to hold this belief, until I start developing libUnihan 0.5.

Originally, Hanyu pinyin design does have two-way functional dependency with Zhuyin.
however, practically Hanyu pinyin only cover 414/416 ~ 99.519% of Zhuyin (without tonemark).
The two exceptions are:

Zhuyin symbols and their pinyin equivalents Usually map to Example
ㄝ(ê), ㄜ(e) e 誒 (ㄝˋ) 惡 (ㄜˋ) are all map to è
ㄌㄩㄢ(lüan),ㄌㄨㄢ(luan) luan 攣(ㄌㄩㄢˊ)鸞(ㄌㄨㄢˊ) are all map to luán

Nevertheless, since some lüán do have luán as alternative pronunciation (such as 孿); and 誒 is sometimes interchangeable with 欸 (èi), which also sounds similar, no wonder almost none spot the difference.

BTW, there are couples of errors in [1]:

  1. Distinctive syllables should be 416, not 417, as no one actually pronounces 淋 as ㄌㄩㄣˊ (lǘn).
  2. 佛, 否, … etc. does have Zhuyin equivalent in pinyin.
  3. ㄜ, ㄝ cannot be distinguished by the rule he suggests. As explained earlier, ㄝ seems to be eaten alive if no medials (ㄧ,ㄩ) protect it.

The author also wondering whether Pinyin to Zhuyin conversion is workable. I can tell him now that his program works 99.519% of times if he were putting some effort on it. 🙂


  1. 1. 注音符號轉漢語拼音、兩個多年前的心願

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