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rsync is a smart program to copy files between different directories or machines. I used to use it on day-to-day basis. However, it didn’t not work as smart as it appear to be. I even considered writing a synchronising program on my own.

Nevertheless, a few days ago I re-read the manual and find something interesting:

  • If synchronising with local directories, it will copy the whole files as needed.
  • If synchronising with remote directories, it will use its increamental algorithm to do the job.

Summary: if sychronising with remote directories such as those on samba servers, it is better not to sync them as mounted directories. Instead, sync them as folders on the remote sites.

Here is the parameters I am using at the moment:

rsync -Crvzlui --stats --progress --delete

* There is one drawback, though. I have not figureed out how to set the automatic login, so I have to type password every time.


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