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Ubuntu is a Linux distribution which targets on the ordinary enduser. Recently I installed it on my Lab desktop.  At the beginning, it looked really nice and the default setting was good enough for ordinary users. Several hours later, however, I found that I need to fine-tune and frustrated for the location of the configuration files and the options is different from FreeBSD. 

First of all, in FreeBSD, the system wide configuration files are usually located in following locations: /etc, /usr/local/etc and /usr/X11R6/etc.  The binary files of application can be found in /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/sbin. /usr/X11R6/bin and /usr/X11R6/sbin (I am talking about ports/packages). Ubuntu seems simpiler, just /etc and /usr/bin.

The really nasty things are incompatibity command-line options. An “incomprehensive” list of the difference command-line options between FreeBSD and Ubuntu does not is listed as follow:




  • -w Force raw printing of non-printable characters.
  • Color support: -G
  • -w: set assumed screen width
  • Color support: –color

-I Request confirmation once if more than three files are being removed

no -I


-8, –8-bit-output leave high-bit chars unescaped in output

Don’t support -8

Of course there are more incompatible command options, but that’s the matter of “Don’t use, don’t bother.” 😛


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